Project management 

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A Unique Experience, A Robust Technology

Visionaries welcome. We recently completed development of our Project Management Portal that enables groups to organize projects, set goals, delegate responsibilities, keep track of progress and communicate the vision's progress to donors—all in the same place you campaign for funds. It simplifies project management, adds peace of mind to team members and communicates strength to donors. 

Our Project Management Portal is running beta version 1.1 
To gain access to this free resource, register today! 

We appreciate your patience with our operational launch and fine-tuning.


Main Features

  • Project Management Dashboard
  • Unlimited Project creation
  • Time-sensitive Milestones
  • Lightweight task lists and to dos
  • Team project access permissions as Project Manager, Assistants and Workers
  • Timesheets
  • Group discussions
  • Charts, calendar, tasks list, time counter, time tracker ...
  • User activities tracking
  • Fully responsive in all devices (mobile, tablet, large screen)

Manage Projects

  • Powerful search filter
  • Modify start date and finish date
  • Assign various labels (milestone, task, topic, directory, note, file and design)
  • Change labels style (default, success, important, warning, info , inverse)
  • Add files and document attachments from repository
  • Add more details to your project like description, website, phone, picture, email
  • Automatic linking of milestones, tasks, repository and discussions to the active project


  • Topics management
  • Powerful filter to find topics quickly and easily
  • Attach topic to project
  • Add topic description and assign labels
  • Attach repository files to topics and replies
  • Easy topic replies management
  • Manage multiple group permission dicussions at once


  • Milestones management 
  • Powerful search filter to find milestones 
  • Add milestone description
  • Assign various labels
  • Manage multiple permissions for milestones easily
  • Add files and document attachments from repository

Task & Task Lists

  • Task and task lists management
  • Powerful search filter to find tasks and task lists quickly and easily
  • Set task priority (very high, high, medium, low, very low)
  • Ability to mark task as completed
  • Modify start date and due date
  • Add hourly rate price, if applicable
  • Add estimated time required to complete task
  • Assign various users to task
  • Assign varying labels
  • Ability to assign multiple dependencies
  • Add files and document attachments from repository
  • Manage multiple permissions to task and task list easily
  • Reminders management

Time Tracking

  • Time tracks management
  • Powerful search filter to find time tracks quickly and easily
  • Assign time track to project and task
  • Add time track description
  • Add log date and log time
  • Ability to mark time track as billable
  • Add hourly rate price
  • Manage multiple permissions in every time track easily


  • Directories, files and notes management 
  • Powerful search filter to find directories, files and notes quickly and easily
  • Ability to add directory to parent directory
  • Ability to add notes and files to directory
  • Add directory description and assign labels
  • Add note description and assign labels
  • Add file description and assign labels
  • Easy drag & drop files uploading
  • Batch processing feature to move and copy files/notes between folders
  • Manage multiple group permissions in every directory, file and note easily